Our Team

The Club for Kindness was founded by Ananya Sridhar during her sophomore year in the Bay Area. She created and implemented the program at her Highschool with the mentorship and guidance of Janice Toben, a social and emotional learning expert. Together they have worked to create a program that will foster kindness throughout communities everywhere. 

Ananya Sridhar

Ananya Sridhar is a 16 year old high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked with her school administration to establish the Club for Kindness at her school by assembling a student and faculty committee and recognizing acts of kindness in the community through the school’s weekly newsletter.

Janice Toben

Janice Toben, M. Ed., Curriculum Development, is an education innovator whose work focuses on the design and teaching of SEL practices that promote positive school climate. Her work spans three decades, and has touched the lives of educators, students, administrators and parents at public and independent schools worldwide.